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A great new addition to Facebook’s marketing tools for musicians.

13 Aug

Facebook expanded its toolbox with so called Facebook Event Custom Audiences. Facebook Events are one of the most powerful tools musicians, promotors,… have on Facebook. If you are willing to spend a few bucks on advertising, Facebook gives you now the power to reach out to a specific part of your event audiences.

Facebook Event Custom Audiences are a subset of Engagement Custom Audiences. These Custom Audiences can be used as target groups when creating ads on Facebook.

You can now create audiences of people who have engaged in multiple ways with one event, multiple events, or all events connected to a specific Facebook page.

When creating a Custom Audience, select “Engagement.”

After selecting the page you want to be associated with your Events, the default audience will include all users who responded “Going” or “Interested” to any of your Events during the past 180 days. You could limit your audience only to those who responded “Going” to an Event or “Interested” in an Event as well.



Instead of creating an audience of all who responded to any Event, you could isolate those who responded to one or multiple specific Events.


Some examples:

  • People who responded Going or Interested to any of your events, could be targeted to buy a live dvd
  • People responded Interested to a specific event, could be targeted to convince buying a ticket for that show after all.
  • People responded Going to a specific event, could be targeted for a second show nearby. “You had fun, let’s do it all over again”.

You can also use “include” or “exclude” logic to further isolate those who responded to other Events — whether associated with the current page or another page you control. This feature might be interesting for promotors, booking agencies,…





Create your Facebook fan club

3 Aug

2 weeks ago Facebook launched “Groups for pages”. With this new feature bands can interact closer with a group of super fans.

Facebook is giving Pages administrators the ability to create their own groups. This could be a large fan group where fans can actively discuss and ask questions. But you can also create groups for fans from certain countries for instance. The goal is to create smaller communities to interact with the fans. The more engaged and respected they feel the more they will help you spread your news. This new feature also give organizations the chance to create “official” groups that unwanted or unofficial third parties and fan clubs can’t set up.


There are a couple ways to create a Group for a Page. On Facebook’s desktop site, there should be a “Groups” tab listed in the left-hand menu. If it’s not there, you can click “Settings,” then “Edit Page,” then “Add a Tab” to add the “Groups” tab.

Clicking on the “Groups” tab will display a prompt to create a Group. If you already have a Group that you want to link to your Page, it should appear on the “Groups” tab with an option to “Link Group.” Pages can only be linked to existing Groups for which a Page admin is already a Group admin through that person’s individual Facebook account. Page owners can post in a Page-linked Group as the Page or using their individual Facebook profiles.

Page-connected Groups have the same privacy settings as non linked groups. They can be “public” so that anyone can join or see the Group’s posts; “closed” so that anyone can find a Group and see its members, but people can only join the Group after being added by a member and only members can see the Group’s posts; or “secret” so that people can only join by being added by a member and only members can see who’s a member of the Group and the Group’s posts.


Trish Communications working on the new Mesh campaign

21 Jan

Trish Communications has been working for a few months now on a campaign for the British electropop band Mesh. They are releasing a new album called ‘Automation Baby’ in March. The campaign consists of social media, newsletters, online advertising,…
The first single ‘Born to lie’ was released last week and already hits number 1 in the europan alternative charts.

Adverteren op Facebook een overzicht

21 Aug

Adverteren op Facebook. Er wordt binnen het reclamewereldje veel over gediscussieerd. Maar voor veel pagina eigenaars is het niet eens duidelijk wat de mogelijkheden zijn. Advertenties, gesponsorde verslagen,… wat is het verschil? En wat gebruik je best? Onderstaand artikel geeft een mooi overzicht.